Crossfit Hardshells



“It’s better to bleed in training than bleed in a fight.” 

Originally from Los Angeles, Angel moved to Maryland as a teen where he began to pursue boxing as a sport. After a few successful fights, he injured his hand and was introduced to CrossFit. He is now the owner/coach at CrossFit Hardshells in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Angel’s wife and kids are a huge motivator in getting him out of bed every morning, and wanting to develop into the best version of himself.

He has a vision to create a space where people pursue fitness with health and longevity as the goal.

1:06 Background, “The Move” and Big News

4:00 Boxing and Life Analogy

5:23 Daily Stoic and Self-Dosing Stress

  • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

7:34 Mentorship and Awareness

9:02 Saying Goodbye to Boxing 

11:46 Finding His Career

13:49 Self-Doubt and “Earning” the Experience

15:30 CrossFit Stereotypes and Changing the Narrative

17:28 Education as the Foundation to Fitness

20:55 “I Am Not As Weak As I Once Was”

24:18 New Years Thoughts

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